Friday, June 13, 2014

Another Day in Reykjavik

Today for we went into the city to eat lunch with our small groups. On the way to lunch we ran into some interesting people who were dancers hired by the government to promote voting of the citizens of Reykjavik. We asked for any suggestions for lunch and they suggested a hot dog stand called "Bæjarins beztu pylsur" which means "Best hot dog in town." Iceland has famous hot dogs that contain  lamb. After lunch we walked down to the harbor and stopped in a little cafe called Cafe Haiti to get out of cold and warm up with hot chocolate and tea.

We took a bike tour of Reykjavik. It was bit crazy with twenty people on bikes but we all made it to the end alive. Our tour guide had many interesting theories about intelligence, politics, marriage, church and elves. Many Icelandic people believe that elves exist. There are little houses for them all over town. On our tour we stopped by a rock where there are supposedly elves, because this rock is home to elves it is illegal for anyone to build on the area and move the big rock.

We ended our day by  going to the Viking Festival. There were people from Iceland, Norway, Germany and many other countries that came to this festival and dressed up like vikings to sell handmade goods. There were many kids who were happy to be dressed up and loved running around the festival.